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Living with Liberty

Prior to recording we had a 15 min conversations and I know this podcast is shorter compared to my other podcast narratives episodes but here is to say there is more to uncover and learn. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to Ate Liberty to be apart of the growing narratives for Kasamahan Co. Here are the questions and reflections post productions:

What did you learn about yourself during the interview?

I learned how much difficulty I have discussing my cultural background because I’ve subconsciously worked so hard to assimilate to the greater western/local Hawai‘i culture. I don’t have many points of reference outside of food and past travel to the Philippines, though perhaps even these things may be more connections than others might have. I also realize that despite the work I’ve done on my mental and emotional health over the last few years, I still have a long way to go.

How can we be proactive in learning more about family history and also our culture?

About a year ago, I started plotting out my family tree. This project has been the vehicle to be able to talk to my parents about their history and background, and our ancestry. My parents have been eager to help.

What are questions that you would like to ask for our host, Chachie?

How do you envision your podcast growing and improving? What are your goals for this podcast?

+ This is an interesting and a really great question. When it comes to the podcast I want to see it more into hearing stories of our community members in Hawai'i specifically creating a space to uplift our old generations as well as the younger generation to give them a space to share their struggles, their achievements and stories that they want to pass down to those who have yet to come. I want to grow as a media company that will capture conversations in a way that allows folks to have a better understanding of the living conditions here in Hawai'i as a Filipino but also our positionality as well. My goals for the podcast is to launch a patreon that will support the monetary aspect of our company and to create a live audience.

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