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Poem: Behind the Spotlight

Written by:

Katrina Bersamin

Why don't I look like them?

Eyes hazel brown

skin fair without criticism

nose sharp enough to be admired

Why don't I get treated like them?

Always glamorized

not afraid to show off their beauty

never having peculiar stares

but admiration

Why am I harsh on myself?

For not looking the way they look

for having brown skin

and being a rare vision

as others idolize those who fit into our society's beauty standards

I should be proud

of the person I am

and the person I grew into

I am unique

with dark brown eyes

that are innocent when I smile

I am beautiful

with a pure soul

that compliments my charm

I am a Morena beauty

with a complexion that glistens

as it gets hit by the sun

Yet why

am i still put down by others

for the way I look?

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