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Poem: "Nobody Told Me"

by Camilla Catignas

Nobody told me that adulthood

would be like walking into a forest alone.

I am in my twenties

and in no way do I feel like I’m grown.

I'm entering the woods

in complete darkness

with nothing

feeling nothing but leaves

and self-doubt beneath my feet.

Who am I? what am I doing here?

I’m so lost, and everything seems so unclear.

Nobody told me that adulthood

would consist of anxiety

and feeling out of place.

I'm in college

but it feels like I’m speeding away

in a fast and furious car chase.

Trying to find a job makes me feel more on edge like I’m sprinting in a track race

tryna to graduate in 4 years

tryna to figure out the overwhelming future

afraid my parents might end up thinking I'm a loser feels like I don’t know what I'm doing

where I’m going

what’s gonna happen

and I forget

and I forget

to breathe.

I forget to take a step back and feel the summer night breeze If I keep walking deeper into the forest,

I see shimmers of yellow light

flickering in the darkness.

Fireflies, flickering on and off, dark and light. Fireflies illuminating

something beautiful and bright

So I keep walking, pushing through

this dark unfamiliar place might be kind of new.

Nobody told me that in adulthood

you are a forest

not only are you growing

but just like Mother Nature, honey

you are GLOWING.

Keep walking

with all your fierce radiance

and own it!

Nobody told me that in adulthood

you might realize that

you are your own light

that you are your own firefly!

There will always be a sliver of light

if you look up above

because how else can something grow

without light and love?

So be proud!!!

Just remember, to breathe in

and breath out.

You rule this forest without a doubt

and don’t worry, you’ll have it all figured out. You are a firefly; soaring, up, up, and away! You are bright and radiant no matter what people say. Okay?

Now tell yourself

right now

that you

can light the way.

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