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Poem: "Your Majesty"

Written by Vicky Marie Juram

Your love of pride and money equals that of a selfish king and queen. Your treasure, your treasure—

it’s all yours to protect.

You are blind to see that it gets in the way of your subjects, my sisters and I.

The opinions of your kingdom never mattered,

only yours.

We could bestow the title of “Your Majesty” upon you both, since calling you “Mom” and “Dad” has the same effect these days. You crave that power and use it to your advantage.

You provide food and shelter,

but that doesn’t justify your unjust rules of living.

Your kingdom, your roof, your house, your rules—

your kingdom was destined to fall

since there’s no trust in your subjects at all.

Disrespect and disloyalty towards the subjects

can only lead to destruction—

destruction of our minds,

of our voices,

of our relationships with you two.

Rebellions are only but a spark,

dying to break out into war.

Your subjects are dying

to get your attention—

to get you to comprehend how impactful your actions are.

Your people have spoken,

but are you even listening?

Your people understand and will still fight for you,

but we are hurting inside

as we smile and lie.

You say that you will die for your people, but why are we the ones making the sacrifices? What more do we have to do

to earn your approval?

To earn your love?

We wear our armor every day,

as if we were ready for battle.

It’s only hard for us because oftentimes,

our enemy is


Generations before you

were afraid of change.

You believe that what you were taught

when you were younger

is the correct way to be proper.

Hear ye, hear ye!

A proclamation for you all!

Pride and money are not the only keys to life. For what is a life without happiness, love, and respect?

Without those,

my sisters and I will not be free

and will continue to be chained,

to abide by your laws,

for all eternity.

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