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Reflecting on our own Filipino Identity with Mc Erl Andres

When it came to these final season of the podcast, It came all full circle to have one of the person that had such a huge impact on my journey as a person from the beginning to finally have them share their story on the podcast. Here are post interview questions that shares their perspectives:

  1. What did you learn about yourself during the interview before and after?

I learned so much about what I genuinely stand for and was reminded of my identity from this conversation. Sometimes, it’s when you hear yourself talk about your identity and what you stand for that you get reminded and so I am grateful.

2. How can we be proactive in sharing our culture an our faith to others?

We can be proactive by living the culture and faith. Not necessarily to police, judge, or point fingers but to live it authentically and in a way that is inviting for those outside looking in. Whether that be speaking our wonderful dialects, singing our beautiful songs, or sharing our delicious foods and practicing our century old traditions.

3. One tip you want to leave the audience and those who are listening

As we grow and get older, we find things within ourselves and in our culture and practices that challenge us. It sometimes leads us to unlearn before we begin learning again, and know that that is okay. Give yourself and others grace because we are all learning and growing.

You can listen to their story here:

If you want to learn more and follow along with their journey:

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