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Finding Yourself through Experiences, Algeo Rosario

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

When it comes to the pre production stages of the podcast there has been moments where I have thought about asking how did the interviewee felt like during the process of reflecting and getting to know their own selves. From this particular narrative, I not only shared a conversation with a community member but also gained a connection and friendship? This made me realized that there are so many creatives out there who are constantly working hard in pursuing their passion outside of the stereotypical and traditional career fields that defined us.



Throughout the interview, I think I learned that I still have much more to learn about myself in terms of my overall self and my Filipino identity. Taking Ilokano courses was a first step, and looking into the future I still have many more steps to take in order to understand it more. I’m not fully there yet, and I don’t think I ever will be, but that’s okay. I’m not even sure what those next steps are, to be honest. But, even after being out of the Ilokano program for so long I find it interesting that this still means a lot to me despite all the priorities that I put into my life so far.


Education is very big when it comes to being proactive in the culture. I was never exposed to any teachings in school about any Filipino culture, only up until I was in college taking Ilokano. I’ll be honest it’s hard to see programs developing for cultural experiences because I find so far and few students would be interested. For example, there was a Filipino club at my high school but I never joined it because I had no interest. And it definitely took me a while to be interested in my Filipino identity until I reached my Sophomore year of college. What helps, especially in our age, is using a lot of media expression and social media to express that education and culture identity in some sort of way. Garnering a following and understanding one specific target audience and what they interact with definitely helps to know what people could, or couldn’t, potentially be interested in.


What are some really big Ilokano figures that you would love to get the chance to talk to?

Or figures who are Ilokano who haven’t opened about their identities yet? I know I’ve said that certain people’s platforms don’t really have much priority talking in that, but having the open space to talk about it would be really interesting.


As you can see from the many different entries that I have ask each of our guest for their post interview, I made it different for each guest specifically to keep it personable for them. I know I did not expect that last question, but to answer that question and this would be non political views but I want to really sit down and have a conversation with the Marcos Family. I want to be able to hear them personally as well as also dig a little deeper on the untold histories from the past that no journalist has ever had done before but if I were to go closer in my own community here in Hawai'i -- I would love to just have a conversation with Professor Aurelio Agcaoili as well sit with Manang Nadezna Ortega.

You can listen to Algeo's podcast via on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Play and basically anywhere you get your podcast fix out there! Just search, 'KasamahanCo' and you'll find it! But to keep it easier for you, just click the podcast tab on our website and it will be available for you!

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